Wedding photographer and authentic reporter.

Fotografo di matrimoni

I was founder and associate of the photography studio Life photography until 2021, when I decided to continue my photographer journey alone, with the support of my brother Andrea, who turned out to be a precious contribution given by another point of view.

The wedding not only is your special day, but also concentrates energies, style, beauty and humanity. It is important that all of this is storytold by a spontaneous shot along with a creative touch.

The truth is never unique, because every point of view is telling a different part of it.

So it becomes variable, magic and astonishing.

Fotografo di matrimoni
fotografo di matrimoni

My reportage is authentic but discrete. Like one of a guest who doesn’t miss a point and falls in love with every tiny moment and natural expression.

Among the years I learnt that the most important aspect for a professional in my area is to have a photographic identity. That’s what make people “recognize” my pictures when they run into them on the web or social media.

This is my most significative achievement.

Wedding photographer
and travel reporter.

My reportage began when I united my two biggest passions: travel and photography.

Rather than a lot of words, my travel journeys are made of meaningful images accompanied by short captions. Images that seem to delete the borders and write an infinite story: mine, merged with many others in a poetic hosmosis.

Photographic storytelling is an important component of a wedding photographer job: to make YOUR DAY eternal, you have to write History.

During one of my business trips, I had the opportunity to set a personal exhibition about travel reportage at the Amsterdam Royal Gallery. That was an incredible experience where I met many incredible people and felt embraced by European art freshness.

fotografo di matrimoni

A good picture speaks the language of emotions. The perfect picture moves emotions.

I am a wedding photographer but also a psychology graduate, specialized in systemic approach psychotherapy.

You know how it works: at a certain point in life, you have to choose.
My choice was the art of photography because through it I can express every inch of me, with no compromises.

My studies, by the way, turned out to be extremely useful for my job: the ability to understand people, their requests and their silences…

Makes it easier for me to create an harmonious and relaxed atmosphere, exactly what is needed to be full of energy and positive.

In contrast to what most people think, wedding reportage and photographic shooting can coexist: the perfect tale mixes story and point of views, in a natural flow.

I only work with natural light because I don’t prefer trickery, for this reason even posed pictures will express truth and spontaneity rather than set up.

I’ve been a wedding photographer in Naples for over ten years and I believe that the most powerful language is the visual art language. Because it is universal and shared.

I also have the pleasure to set wedding reportages of foreigners that choose Naples as their location: the Destination Wedding is a melting pot of cultures that stimulates me a lot.

In the end, love only speaks one language.

Now that you know me a bit, text me to describe to me the wedding of your dreams!

Together, we will realize a wedding album that people will ask to see again and again…